Many LPN’s who are searching for the LPN travel nursing positions within the industry are delighted to find excellent paying salaries along with competitive benefits. There is still a wealth of LPN travel nursing positions available all across the country waiting to be filled by capable, knowledgeable LPN’s who are willing to take up roots and travel the country. If LPN travel jobs are something that interests you, be sure to do some research in order to find an established, reputable travel nurse agency that will provide you with all of the support and information you’ll need when on assignment.

In order to be considered for many LPN travel nursing positions, one year experience in a hospital setting within your field of specialty may be required. Most LPN travel nursing positions typically have a contract length anywhere between 8-52 weeks, and in some cases even longer. A good LPN travel agency will have a good selection of LPN travel nurse jobs located throughout the country, along with varied contract lengths.

Typically, LPN travel nurses are located with the help of travel nurse agencies for short to long term assignments. A good LPN travel agency will usually provide the travel nurse with paid accommodations as well as paid travel expenses and per diem. They will also take care of setting up payroll, activating benefits, and issuing the proper licensing as well. LPN’s can expect higher than average salaries upon filling a temporary position at their respective health care facility.

LPN travel nursing is a great way to not only travel and see the country, but to earn and save a good amount of money as well. Depending on the location of the assignment, most LPN travel nurses can expect higher than average wages. This can also depend upon experience, available shifts, and expertise as well. Practically all LPN travel nursing positions offer health and dental benefits, and some even include a 401k or other type of retirement options. Be sure to carefully examine the particular benefit plan offered within the package and compare it to other LPN travel nurse jobs that are being presented to you.

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