Traveling Nurses

Find out the real story behind LPN travel assignments from real nurses who have been there. Hear about the traveling nurses lifestyle with regard to pro’s and con’s of by nurses themselves…..

As a  LPN Travel nurse we need to remember hundreds, if not thousands of things to accomplish a given day. We boast on being queen/king of multitasking, or else so we think. Is it a few wonder with the aim of we can make mistakes?  The most important thing while traveling is to own up to your mistake and learn from it.

Med errors can happen and do happen to every LPN travel nurse. If he or she says different, then I question their honesty.  With the hustle and bustle of our shift and trying to organize your routine in a short staff situation can be risky and even deadly.

Traveling nurses key to preventing med errors is to establish a solid routine that you can take with you in each assignment.  Also pace yourself.  LPN travel nurses often think they have to be “super nurse” and go high speed on their first med pass.  STOP!  Remember your seven rights.  Right Patient, Right Dose, Right Route, Right Doctor, Right Medication, Right Amount  and Right Attitude!  Take a breath and relax!  Your are human and we make mistakes.  Acknowledge it and analyze why you made the mistake.  It may be a system problem that facility wasn’t even aware of and other nurses are having the same errors.

Always monitor your patient vitals and call the physician regarding the error.  It is always better to be honest and up front rather than to cover it up.

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